Blizzard of '66

Blizzard of '66

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Brrrrrrrr... This candle was inspired by the famous North Dakota blizzard that happened in March of 1966. In North Dakota you never know what kind of weather to prepare for and if there's one thing North Dakotans have in common, WE ARE TOUGH! Stock up on this candle for the winter just in case you get snowed in or your power goes out. It has cool and fresh wintery notes of peppermint mixed with sugar and vanilla bean.

4oz Candle Burn Time: Approx. 30 hours

10oz Candle Burn Time: Approx 50 hours

16oz Candle Burn Time: Approx. 70 hours

note: this candle contains high percentage of vanillin, candle may discolor with long exposure to light, but will not affect the quality of the candle burn.